Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Frustrations of Season 2; Hopes of Season 3.


The game of League of Legends, hereby known as LoL, is simply described as a love-hate relationship. When the end of season 2 neared, I was one win away from platinum; however, I was never able to achieve my goal. I tried desperately to achieve platinum playing close to 12+ hours a day to try and climb the ladder; as Season 2 ended, I was still stuck in gold. I was frustrated, and angry at myself and everyone, everything around me. I was so close to platinum, to become the top 1% of players in the world that I forgot everything that I worked, strived for. 

I have always been a competitive player in whatever game I played. Leading a top 50 team on the Guild Wars ladder, I knew I would be able to join my more successful Guild Wars players of RiotJatt (formerly known as Jatt Kittenstomper) and GuardsmanBob (formerly known as Chop Chop the Panda)  amongst the best of League of Legends. Upon hitting 30 mid-way in Season 2, I immediately dived into ranked. With no MOBA experience, I quickly discovered that I did not know much about the game as I presumed.

I searched on the popular website Reddit for players of higher skill levels, similar to how I advanced on Guild Wars. I posted to find a more experienced LoL audience and quickly found players who I learned from.. Moreover, I learned more about my focused role of jungling by watching TheOddOnes entertaining and informative stream religiously. After about three months of learning all I could, I once again dived into ranked. To my frustration, it seemed I only got worse as I dropped from 1200 to 1100 elo. However, after playing hundreds of games I slowly rose to an elo of 1400, silver.

I didn’t want to play anymore of the mentally exhausting game that is called LoL’s solo queue. It was a toxic environment that rewarded leadership over personal skill. As a result, I found a group of four other similarly minded players to play with. As I progressed as a player, I slowly rejoined my mission in solo Queue. Again, I rose from 1400 elo to 1520 elo, the previous requirement for gold. I stopped playing solo queue for a long time after I hit 1520 elo, as I never dreamed of being able to hit platinum.

As season 3 was announced and season 2 was coming to a close, a team-mate and I attempted to reach platinum. Eventually, after hitting a hot streak, I was able to close the gap to 1800 elo with my friend reaching the new elo of 1850 of platinum. I felt his achievement and knew I would be able to reach it too. Over the past two weeks, I fell into a hole of depression and frustration as I tried to gain the last 50 elo. Losing my temper, I fell over 200 elo as I played on tilt.

As season 2 ended yesterday and season 3 begins today, I am still angry at myself for failing to reach platinum. however, I look back at what I have accomplished and realize that I should be proud. In one season, I was able to go from a complete novice in the game to, arguably, a much, much better player.

As season 3 unravels itself, I look forward to attempting to break my solo queue goal of platinum and diamond! I look forward to advancing myself as a LoL player and jungler! I look forward to building upon the team that I have worked with! I look forward to updating this blog with my thoughts, findings, and interpretations of this game!

I hope, to anyone who actually reads this, you find reading about my season 3 journey as pleasurable, and frustrating as I do experiencing it. After-all, this game is a love-hate relationship.

Watch out laners of the league! ChaiPod is in the jungle and i’m about to be a “real terror.”

tl;dr: I didn’t hit platinum in season 2, but I have discovered that I should be proud of what I have done. I hope you all enjoy reading my blog about LoL in season 3 as I advance as a player and a jungler.  



  1. Just found your blog here. I never really read blogs before but your approach on how to improve as a player in League of Legends is one that I like and I'm looking forward to reading some of your more in-depth articles about jungling and hope to learn a few things aswel. :)

    1. Hey there!

      Thanks for the comment. I really do enjoy hearing from my readers, whether it be frequent or not. Hopefully I have been able to help you out :)

      Good luck out there, summoner!