Saturday, November 17, 2012

First Glance at Season 3 Jungle Changes Preview

If you haven’t heard, jungle changes are going to be implemented in Season 3 in an attempt to change the stale meta of support junglers. Currently, the changes are on PBE pending to go live. I won’t post too much until it’s actually on live, but here is my first glance on the new changes.  

What was the jungle meta before (currently)?
- High GP5 usage in support junglers
- Lack of variety of carries in the jungle
- Allowing laners (specifically mid) to take a jungler’s camps while they sit on GP5s and gank lanes for income

Essentially, this all came down to how jungle creeps banked cash and were extremely easy to kill. The Season 1 to Season 2 changes made jungle creeps a lot less resilient and contain a lot less income which was hotfixed to bank gold (fuck the first season 2 jungle changes, the worst 2 weeks of jungling ever). Originally, this was designed so that junglers would have to clear camps more often to keep up in gold. However, seeing as clearing these camps yielded less gold and experience than before - the support jungler was created. The idea of a support jungler, was to take a champion that could clear reasonably well and required very little gold to be effective (similar to a support). Then, they would build GP5 items and put a lot of map pressure on the lanes with high CC ganks. Additionally, the easy to kill creeps with banked gold would be given to other laners to farm after pushing their lane. This was the most effective strategy for season 2 in terms of jungling.  

What is Riot hoping to accomplish?
- Remove the stale meta of support junglers and add variety into optimal jungle champions
- Stop laners from being able to easily take jungle creeps for additional income
- Create a source of revenue that rivals lane income

I’m not going to bother posting the changes, as everyone and their mother is posting them. You can easily find out what the changes are, and you’ve probably already read them on another more prominent blog. I will, however, post and discuss which changes that apply to the jungle.

Here are some links regarding Season 3 changes.

What does this means for junglers & jungling in general?
- You’re going to have to re-learn how to jungle (again, if you played through season 2 changes)
- Support Jungling may be limited to, an already, very limited champion pool (inb4 maokai ban every tournament)
- Bruisers / Carries are going to be more prominent in the jungle (safer income as they can’t be denied and extra income from ganks) 

- Less early ganks as they are less appealing in general.
Look for more posts on specific opinions on certain changes.

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