Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ChaiPod's CHAIPOD Tips for Arranged 5s


These are ChaiPod's CHAIPOD Tips for Arranged 5s. 

This is an article aimed to help amateur teams, and maybe their jungling leaders, to successfully build a team to play with. While most of my posts are aimed at jungling, this one focuses more on the team orientation of arranged 5s play. I have been playing in League of Legends arranged 5s teams for two years and I previously played in many top Guild Wars teams. While the games are different, many of the tips for playing in a team are the same and can be applied to many team games. Playing in arranged 5s is a completely different setting than from what most players are used to and brings a new experience to the table that is both rewarding and challenging. While many of us do not aim to be the next LCS team, we still want to play on a semi-competitive level in amateur tournaments. Similar to popular U18 or beer leagues of sports, amateur teams form the serious fan base of any competitive game. 

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Patch 3.8 Jungle Implications

Patch 3.8

This article goes through some of the changes for the recent version 3.8 patch and their implications on the current jungle meta. The recent patch has brought many changes to specific champions and, most importantly, changes to camps and jungle items that have serious implications to jungling. This is perhaps one of the biggest non-season patches for jungle changes I have ever seen; respectively, this article will be just as big. 

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