Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anti-Bullying Day & Small Update

Pink Taric says bullying is truly outrageous

This is a short update post.

Today is anti-bullying day (last wednesday in the month of February), so make sure you wear pink on summoners rift! Pink Taric is the best Taric skin! On a more serious note, eSports has always suffered from the social stigma of being a "geeky" interest which aligns itself with aspects of bullying in schools. As many of my readers are more likely to stand on their victim side of bullying, I just want to remind you to keep strong, report bullies, and stand up for those who are being bullied.

As for what this blog holds, I am proud to declare that yesterday I have hit an all-time record on view counts a day. I hit a grant total of 14,278 views in one day thanks to traffic from Reddit and the League of Legends forums! Thank you for everyone who took their time to read my State of the Jungle series as it is extremely encouraging for me.

As for my post on ganking the three lanes which I mentioned almost a month ago, I am still working on part 1. This article is turning out to be extremely long, and detailed. I keep finding more things to add and extending the time it takes for completion. Regardless, I look forward to the release of this article series.

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